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New Forum Competition!!!!


Now I'm confused - is there another discussion thread about the wordsearch competition? I'm sure the one I read earlier in the week had different comments by players who are now not to be seen, and their comments were not related to the answer at all!


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Yes players are also commenting underneath the competition itself.
If you follow the link from this thread to there, you will find them :)


@buffflyingtaco No bug now, that was resolved on Monday :)
To be fair, there is still one word that can be found twice on the board. Will be happy to elaborate in a pm if you want me to. However, I don't think it interferes too much with the task at hand, as it soon makes sense which of the two you should scratch from the board and which actually needs to remain.

Sir Derf

Politely suggest choosing better names for threads such as this. I was all excited when I saw the new post alert, thinking "Wow! A new competition already? Great!"