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Mykans Guide - Fighting guide

Discussion in 'Player Guides and Strategies' started by Mykan, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. SouthernTX

    SouthernTX Novice

    That's strange m4rt1n, because they changed the domain in April of last year (not by choice, CloudFlare shut off their .ORG domain. They had to move to Amazon AWS).

    I know I'm brand new here, but thought I'd mention it because we had the same issues with images not showing up on some of the other forums I frequent and we had to code a forum-wide search & replace for all the old links. :)

    You can see lots of threads about the issue here: https://www.google.com/search?q=postimg.org+changed+to+postimg.cc

    At any rate, just thought I'd mention it; like I said I know I'm brand new (just started playing last week, a friend dragged me over here), that why I was trying to acquaint myself with the fighting system by reading this thread in the first place. :)

    (Frankly they all redirect to the new main site anyway, https://postimages.org :)
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