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i'm a rather new active player and looking for other fs


i'm playing here since 11/11 now and enjoy the game, but i seem to be in a wrong fellowship. i will be lvl 4 before xmass i guess and i got planks, silk and dust boosted. The fellowhip i am in at the moment seems to be one who has already enough of those so i can not get the stuff needed to grow as it all stays at the trader... I like to see some chatting too, even if it is just to say hi or what you need (otherwise i can play sollitaire too). i like to help with tournaments and spire and do the events. ( i'm at 82 from winter event today and have to wait till tomorrow to go on ). Hope to find a place to grow up further and to learn more from my fellowship


For some reason, I can't find you on elvenstats or in the game. However, check out Mayhem Tavern. We'd welcome you there.


Hi are you still looking for a fellowship......I think you would fit right in with Pandora.
Drop me a message or just join xx