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Hey, I’m theleapingleopard, leopard/leps and I’m new to the forums :) Will’ve being playing a year from December the 14th actually!!!


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Welcome to the Forum, @TheLeapingleopard :) Please have a look around and also make yourself familiar with the Forum Rules :) We hope that you will enjoy your time here :)


One (more ) question: what do the names under our usernames mean? As in novice, enchanter etc..
They reflect how experienced a user of the forum the user is. I'm afraid I've lost where it says what each name means. But it's based on number of posts, likes you get etc. "Novice" evidently means you're a novice :)


I will probably call down all sorts of wrath on my head for this but ...
The rules can be summed up as
1) English only (fell foul of that when I said thank you using Welsh).
2) Be nice