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Hi. Brand New Player 8.8.21

Hi. My name PrincessCathy2Earth. I just started playing today. I have never played Elvenar before anywhere before today. I am not new to games or computers. Please invite me to be a friend and to the Coolest and Best Fellowship.:cool: I will be playing daily, except when there is hurricane and no power, maybe. Lets see, what else, I am a little slow now, due to life and medical stuff, and may ask some questions from time to time. For example: Can I play with the same City/account on FB as with here? FB doesn't like me, my religion, or my ideas, soooo I try to stay away from starting any new games there and am only using it to keep in contact with friends, to help ppl, and play 2 games I have been playing for a while. All the others ended on Dec 31st <roll eyes> <-- yes I'm THAT old.
~ PrincessCathy2Earth of Paradise City
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Greetings @PrincessCathy2Earth and welcome to our Forum!! Don't ever worry about asking questions here, that's exactly what we are here for :)In regards to your question concerning Facebook, whilst we do have a dedicated Facebook Page, we are not connected to them in any way so you won't have to go through there to enjoy your game :D

Have a browse through our sections and see if that answers any questions you may have, if it doesn't then please ask away. The only silly question is the one that isn't asked! We ask all new members to familiarise themselves with our Forum Rules as well. You can find these on the Forum Home Page.

Once again, welcome and enjoy your stay!

Kind Regards