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Gold Mines


Having played the game happily for several months now, all my neighbours have become Gold Mines except for 5.

My problem is that I have spent the last few months building my world, and have 118 completed provinces and another 3 scouted and visited every single neighbour for help daily.

Gold Mines only give 50% of the amount of neighbourly help so I am being penalised heavily and it is destroying my game and fun.

I am close to asking Inno to make me a Gold Mine also and quit.

WHY half the amount. This is grossly unfair and it should be the same amount or at least 80% of the amount of visiting a neighbour.

If my game is going to be destroyed this way then it is goodbye from me.


^+1 Not only do you loose out on coin but also on supplies and the chance of trading partners.

Ever since many of my neighbors have been replaced with gold mines my interest in the game has declined.
If something doesn't change soon I think I'll take a break til autumn and then review.
I just assumed that these Gold Mines were to replace players that were no longer active so we still got something from those provinces. Am I wrong?


Your spot on. Depending on where you are on the map, it's quite possible they will be gold mines for years or get filled with new players then eventually 99% of them will be inactive after the first week.

Winyandor, you seem to be top left / central, but a very dead area. Will not be far off somewhere in this circle.
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Hopefully it stays that way and the accounts around you do not suddenly become inactive in the near future.

I take it that isnt the account on Winyandor?


Hopefully it stays that way and the accounts around you do not suddenly become inactive in the near future.

I take it that isnt the account on Winyandor?
Thanks, and no I rarely play on Winyandor, my main account is on Arendyll.

Hopefully many stay active as I noticed a few with the Charming Tree.

@Poacher Thanks, had about 8 visits from neighbours today so far. :)


I got some new neighbors on Win
But, they've taken away one of my few neighbors on Arendyll :|
I'm not amused


I have the same problem with these gold mines as well.

So, this is the fact. In my en3 (felyndral) the neighbours around me on the world map, 90% is mostly chapter 1 or chapter 2, but that does not matter, the main point is most of the are quite inactive and couldn't help me in aiding or trades. And after a few weeks, some of them were removed from the map and the initial place they occupy become a gold mine but a few moments later, more new inactive players from chap 1 occupied the place and the same problem happens repeatly, roughly once every month.

The same happens on my another world, where the place nearby my city has many advanced players that are chapter 6 or 7. (despite i'm still active)

This issue has never been fixed, so i also have a suggestion: Could you developers move players at the same chapters that are normally active in one place, so we can get trading and help benefits between all of us and make us advance faster? I really appreciate if you developers will do so.