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Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!


Fellowship Adventures now has a nice new Questing system!

Here is the EPL Guide to this F A together with our spreadsheet:


You are welcome to share the link with friends and fellowship!

In Beta, the prizes included Phoenix Artifacts for stages 2 and 3!!
I hope the Live version does the same - but it is not guaranteed; there is a disclaimer in the Beta Announcement saying that the Live version may not be exactly the same.


If I understand this right then that's pretty exciting and many thanks for the changes Inno.

So... Does everything you collect get added to the relevant pot then all you have to do is to collect at the right times?


So... Does everything you collect get added to the relevant pot then all you have to do is to collect at the right times?
Yes, only you can only accumulate toward one of each badge at once. So if you have one badge that is collect 10 toolboxes and another that is collect 1 each of 3 different tier 1 productions, you can collect 5 toolboxes and one 3-hour marble and then later collect 5 toolboxes and a 3-hour plank and 3-hour steel and you will get one of each badge. But you can't collect 20 toolboxes at once and get 2 of the toolbox badges -- you have to stop after you collect the 10 and collect, then collect another 10. The quest box at the left of the screen will get checked when you finish a badge as a way to tell you it's done, but will change back to blue if you make a start on another badge, so you do have to pay attention to how much you are collecting if you have more than enough for one badge at a time.


OK, but if I collect 3 x toolboxes, 1 x 3hr marble, 1 x 9hr marble, 1 x 24hr marble (for example) do they all get added to their totals waiting for the next ones?


Yippeee ! :D Thanks for this very overdue improvement. My fingers will now form the Vulcan salute instead of having one or two fingers seized up in pain . ;):)


The new system looks great,but wouldn't it be more helpful if you make the icons a little bigger and add numbers in them,so we know exactly how many items we need to add to the badges to complete them?like this:



I am not sure I understand the new system at all, but hope it will become clearer when it actually happens


Last time they added a tooltip on release day, when we were about 3/4 done. It showed a preview taskbar.


This seems like a great system. If someone from the Elvenar team reads this thread, would you please implement this sam type of system for the regular quests. Right now it takes 66 mouse clicks, plus the movement needed, to cycle through the quests one time. Ther have been times my hand was so tired and sore I just skipped the quests all together. So please, please, implement something like this, or possible a drop down menu we can scroll through.


I am sure there can always be more improvements, but I am very happy that the quest recycling is a thing of the past. Thank you devs. For once I will not feel like quitting the game when doing the FA.


How many coins are in 'a sack of coins', anyone knows that?


Have just noticed that if you hover over the quest giver than you see how you are doing with all your badges, without having to open the quest. (on PC)