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Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!


Usually we get FA run together with tournament

we get a lot spell items and kp for "wonder society"

current news say NO TOURNAMENT

now...shaking lol, do we have sufficient item to go in this FA ?


From the look of it, there will be one but so many people are on playing the FA that the game is getting slow. so they are worried that tournament participation would crash the system.


With the announcement that there will be a delay in the tournament start has any thought been given to the difficulty in raising the Enchantments required for the Wand, Potion and Hat?


Will everything be zeroed or will we keep the badges we've already earned? And I've got productions that will be ready to collect that won't go towards a badge. I've delayed developing my city to give me room for the adventure. I might not have room for it when it restarts.
It is the Tournament which has been postponed- the Fellowship Adventure will carry on so your badges will be unaffected.


Hopefully the performance issues will get sorted out so that the tournament can happen this week. However, the key take home is that FAs are popular. More so than a lot of the other types of events. I hope that Inno will increase the numer of FAs. If the comments in my fellowships are anything to go by, then keeping the long events down to one a quarter will be the most popular way to create the space in the calendar for the extra FAs


It's not a case of the FA being popular. It's simply the fact that every player in a fellowship has the new system working in their game , whether they are participating or not. To win a FA takes a LOT of effort , as well as communication and co-ordination . The new system will , no doubt , encourage more fellowships to attempt a top three placing and the numbers of badges obtained will soar. I am glad that my f/s is only interested in obtaining the rewards for completing each stage , which only requires one path in each stage . Good luck to all those who are going for gold ( 1st place ) , you'll have to work for it :D.


Delaying or postponing a tournament for the sake of a FA because "we can't handle both at the same time" seems like a really good way to tank the popularity of FAs.


I think a lot of players were counting on tournament to get spells and kp's for badges. Now that it's delayed...

The new quest system is good.


Will tournament still run for the same amount of time once it starts and is the counter correct, showing 25 hours, 12 minutes until launch?

EDIT: Also please thank your team for us @Dizzy Lizzie, we appreciate all the effort that's going in to keeping the glitches down to a minimum
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The new interface is such a huge improvement. FAs are now worth playing to me whereas before I made only minimal contributions because all that clicking just made it not fun to play. Thank you so much.


Will tournament still run for the same amount of time once it starts
Yes it will.

is the counter correct, showing 25 hours, 12 minutes until launch
It possibly could change, so no guarantees on this. As soon as we know for certain, we will let you all know.

Also please thank your team for us @Dizzy Lizzie, we appreciate all the effort that's going in to keeping the glitches down to a minimum
I will pass on your thanks, for sure.


Very frustrating to have this FA mess up scheduling on the tournament. This Marble tournament is one where we hoped to go for 10 chests. Players have planned for weeks to be able to work hard on this one. And now it gets delayed by an unknown amount for this FA. Very disappointing.

Earlier comments are true. It is valuable to be able to do tournament alongside FA so you can get the spells. Without this you must go much slower or use time instants to get spells quicker. The rewards for the FA don't justify that. Just crafting stuff and Phoenix artifacts that we don't need.

How many phoenixes do you expect us to build? New players can't get the base building anymore so why do they need the artifacts?


That is a nice tool-tip. Thanks for pointing it out.

Is there any clearer info yet about when the tournament will now start? Much as I love the new FA interface and am excited to play it for the first time since the very first one, the tournament is still much more important and we have prepared troops and goods ready for it starting. I realise that it is being worked on, and that is fine, but I would feel better to know that it definitely is starting (maybe tomorrow night?) I just don't want to think that I've saved up a goods and troops profile for the marble tournament only to find it skipped altogether.


The new quest system is soooo much better.
Like has already been said the delay in the tourney is going to make getting spells a lot harder.