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Emojis in chat


With the browser version you can get a free add-on that allows you to copy/paste emojis. I installed it ages ago, so can't remember the name. But a quick search should reveal it.

Elvenar chat has historically been pretty Spartan. You have a good suggestion none-the-less. :)


The good news is there is a keyboard shortcut for Windows to pull up the emoji selector. It's the [Windows Button]+[.] but unfortunately, while you can see the emojis in the chat if you're also on a browser, people on mobile will see it show up as weird symbols and not emojis. I have also heard rumors the chat platform is a third party platform and nothing to do with devs. I think this is true because randomly, the words that gets censored and uncensored change quite often. If this were regulated by Inno, they'd have better things to do than play musical chairs with what words gets censored on any particular week.


Yes you can put emojis in chat, even from a Mac (Control + Command + Space) but they are so small that it is difficult to see the details.