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Cross tiers trade advice


I don't know why some player thinks their goods are more value the others, but I don't put too much thought about it.
Myself I put like 3000 x Crystals and ask for 3000 x silk back.. fair game. And I would never buy from anyother that is not doing the same thing.. if they want more, it's not going to be from me. :p


That exactly is the cause. The rest is symptoms. And the main culprit is the Jester's Tavern.

I'm in Chapter 7 and I receive 32K (in words: thirtytwothousand) T3 Goods every 24 hours just from Event Buildings. This is twice the amount of goods I get from 4 fully upgraded T2 factories (on a 9h plus 3x3h cycle). I have no T1, no T2 but 500K T3 goods. Each.

Late chapter players just do not understand how much T3 we get. They were so used to being able to trade their T3s for T1 and T2 from mid-level players that most of them abandoned the general rule of 4:4:2 and are now having trouble adjusting their cities (or are unwilling to, we had a case like that. 2 pages crosstier trades every day from a single player). On top of that, even high level players get 40K-45K T3 goods from the Jester's Tavern daily.
Oh I get it. The city where I play with Alsael was in dwarf chapter last Christmas and I have a ridiculous amount of tier3 there. Most of our fellows think someone actually needs all that tier3, it's so sad, they're all flogging it


Some time ago we had two new players come into our fellowship. They were small cities and they determined that they were not going to build anything but T3. They both had dust and posted page after page of T3 - T1 trades. Others followed and on one particular day there was nothing more than 3 trades that were not T3-T1 out of perhaps 8 pages. A new rule was enacted eliminating those trades and it's in our fellowship rules. One of the culprits in this problem is an antique belief in a certain number of T1, T2, and T3 that HAS to be built. You need to build what you require to succeed in THAT chapter, taking into consideration the set buildings and event buildings by each person. If you have no large demand for T3 then you have no reason to have more than one of them maxed, whether it's an antique rule or not. If you can build T3 then you can certainly build T2. If you need more T2 then throw the old rule book out the window and make more T2. The manufactories are not permanent buildings, you can build them when you need them and tear them down when you need something else. The rules about how many to make of each may well have been made up long before set buildings and event buildings came out, I see no reason to follow those rules now. Building too many T3, then expecting the fellowship members to unload their vaults for a paltry sum of it is not fair to the fellowship when all that member has to do is tear down some T3 and build more of what they do need. And we also need a checkbox to not even see the cross tier trades if we so choose.


Well,I totally agree with @Maillie!
I've been thinking,if you really want to built only one tier boosted goods, you can built your tier-2 one.Then make a fair NUMBER(not trade stars) trades.Like:10,000 silk for 12000 marble.If you don't have any T-3 event buildings,you can also built one or two T-3 factories
If you only have T-3 factories,the 1:4 ratio restriction with the T-1 goods would be a killer,you will be always sort:rolleyes: