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City Planner for Humans


Nice work. One correction, Builder's hut is 2x3 not 2x4.

It took me a moment to adjust my thinking. I usually rotate the city so the top left is the 'northern' border, while you clearly rotate so top right is 'north'. But aside from that it should be fairly easy to use when I'm trying to rebuild for the fairies.


good to know.. thanks for the feed back ill sort that out :)


Great tool @OPname , thanks for your effort in making it ;)
I will be using it to respace my city, since all the buildings change sizes in the higher upgrades.

Jude the Brave

Am I correct in guessing this tool is out of date & no longer working.?
I have opened the City Planner & also the City Planner Google Sheets & they look the same to me.
Empty excel grid, with list of buildings in last right column, well spaced as if there should be pictures/silhouettes/sketches/dimensions, but there are none.


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Is there a way to reverse the Deleted### names? Lets take the case of Mykan who had put together guides which many consider as essential reads. Although the title of the thread may still read Mykan’s guides, Mykan has become a Deleted number name. Awkward read indeed to identify his posts now. ( I assume he was the first person to post on that thread.)