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Arendyll: two active players are looking for a fellowship


Dear reader,

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I started with Elvenar. So far, we love this game. We are looking for an active fellowship and reach out to you in order to find one. We do have 1000-2000 ranking points, are active and would like to participate in a fellowship. If you know one, feel free to respons to this thread or by sending an pm. Thanks! Hopefully, see you soon.



Thank you! That is very kind of you. Is there a possibility to add friends ingame so that you can talk there with each other?


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
Greetings @OptimusCaesar and Welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately you're unable to "add" friends however it is possible to search for and message players in game, and of course within the Forum.

I hope you're successful in your quest to find a Fellowship for you and your Partner! In the meantime however, Happy Gaming, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask :)

I've placed some links below that may be helpful for you and your Partner along the way!

Kind Regards




Dear Optimus,
You are welcome to join Mayhem Tavern, this is the sister fellowship to Mayhem. It is designed for training up new players. Currently, three of its members are over in Mayhem, playing in the fellowship adventure. But they'll be back soon.


Thanks all! I have joined Mayhem Tavern just yet. Great to have found a FS through the forum.