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Announcements (from Discord)


Whilst I appreciate the reduction in SF needed, why have @InnoGames chosen to completely ignore the posts about the number of RRs or CCs needed (particularly RRs)?
Are they considering changes to those costs too or did they just pick one (SF) and think that will appease everyone?
It won't and it doesn't.


We got the announcement for AW upgrade reduction in game. Here's the official one from Discord. It's the same one as seen in the Beta thread. The only new info is that it's coming this Wednesday.

This Wednesday there will be a hotfix that will unveil a significant reduction in Spell Fragment costs for Ancient Wonders.

Why the Change?
Following recent adjustments to Ancient Wonders, we observed a noticeable gap between the required and obtained Spell Fragments. While we had plans to address this gap through improved Event and Spire rewards, we've decided not to keep you waiting and are making this enhancement right away. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're committed to ensuring a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience!

What's Changing Exactly?
The old Spell Fragments costs formula, a simple "Ancient Wonder level" x1000, is getting a makeover! The new and improved formula is more intricate, allowing you to evolve your Ancient Wonder further with significantly fewer Spell Fragments. Let's dive into the specifics:

Before/After Comparisons:
To upgrade an AW to level 16 (equivalent to 75% power of level 35), the costs are down by over 60%!
To upgrade an AW to level 28 (90% as powerful as level 35), the costs are down by roughly 50%!
To upgrade an AW to level 35, the costs are down by almost 40%!

How to Embrace the Change:
Prepare yourselves for a more accessible journey to enhance your Ancient Wonders and make the most of these reduced Spell Fragment costs. This improvement empowers you to reach higher levels with ease, bringing new dimensions to your strategic gameplay.

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@Jake65 I guess Now is going to make it after all :D
This chart information is still wrong.

Not discussing degrees or ranges.

Now that it’s in effect on live, it is still insulting and egregious.

It is the creation of a 2 tier system in the game, those who earned it before the changes, and all the rest who remain now.

The longer these changes continue, the more wrong it becomes.


I have to agree with @Kazzandra regards the 2 tier system. In Chapter 15 I have approximately half of the available AW's for each city (13/26) and these are roughly at Level 20 or higher. If I had to start again I can't see how I would be able to get them all anywhere near these levels in the same timeframe (2.5 - 3 years so far... I think), therefore as a newbie I would have to seriously consider which ones to have.

The knock on effects for me would have been:

a) Far fewer Ancient Wonders. Without the information available online (Wiki) the only way to know which ones to actually have would be to nag your fellowship buddies to death with a lengthy Q&As. Nearly every newbie seen since I started has absolutely no idea the Wiki even exists, or for that matter the Forum, iDavis and that which shall not be named.

b) Significantly less crafting in the Magic Academy of other, now far less important 'items'. This in turn results in fewer bonuses from reaching the 100 points threshold.

c) This in turn also results in fewer Unit boosters for Troops and therefore less Tournament and Spire input/points because you may not have the Resources available to Negotiate once your Auto-fighting ability expires.

d) Quite a bit of extra space in each city siting idle, even without the 6 Premium expansions I have added to date. Guess this means plenty of room for those extra Manufactories, Workshops and Culture buildings I would need once Auto-fighting stops working.

While these changes are going to help me, as a newbie looking at everything else the game now throws at you (all non-mandatory but you won't get much out of Elvenar if you ignore the good bits!) then I might just turn around and quit before I have given the game a fair chance.


and that which shall not be named.
Thank you for not naming it @Valedoress. :)


Good posting. You make some very good points. Try to give the game a bit more time before thinking of bailing out. Maybe look at joining a different FS? (You would be very welcome to join mine, in Arendyll) ;)


Thanks for the offer SkyRider99 but I am already in an awesome Fellowship in all 3 worlds. I actually head up a Fellowship in Felyndral (Funny Times) which if anyone is interested has 3 spots open. Thankfully these are all newish fellowships and so nobody in them has been around since the dawn of Elvenar and been playing religiously for all that time. No burn out being experienced so far for us and with the recent Ancient Wonder changes hopefully there never will be. :)