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I don't seen PP (Portal Profits) and SF (Spell Fragments) on the list :)


Senior Game Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hey all!

I’ll add a few here too! Thanks to the Elvenar Community and years of playing, here’s a few more to add to your list! Apologies if any of these have already been mentioned.

T1: Marble, Steel or Planks Basic Goods

T2 : Crystal, Scrolls or Silk Refined Goods

T3 : Elixir, Magic Dust or Gems Precious Goods

SG= Sentient Goods: ( S1, T4 or T1+1) Moonstone, Platinum and Elvenar Gum Tree for Basic Sentient Goods; ( S2, T5 or T2+1) Obsidian, Arcane Ink and Velvet for Refined Sentient Goods; and ( S3, T6 or T3+1) Silly Soap, Alloy Shrooms and Cosmic Bismuth for Precious Sentient Goods

AG=Ascended Goods: ( A1, T7 or T1+2) Primordial Minerals, Ignited Ingots and Scholarly Sprouts for Basic Ascended Goods; ( A2, T8 or T2+2) Ethereal Aerosols, Wonder Wax, Finest Flying Powder for Refined Ascended Goods; and ( A3, T9 or T3+2) Spicy Spread, Genious Granule and Marvelous Marbles for Precious Ascended Goods

CT=Cross Tier Trades

SS= Squad Size

SSU= Squad Size Upgrade


CM=Community Manager

Co-CM=Co-Community Manager

Mod=Game Moderator/Forum Moderator/Quality Assurance Moderator/Sometimes meaning the whole Elvenar Team

VD=Visits Done

IM=Inspiring Meditation Enchantment

SF=Spell Fragments

VV=Vision Vapors


GR= Guest Race

Tech Tree= Research Tree or Research Technologies

SD=Sorcerers and Dragons Chapter

OG= Orcs and Goblins Chapter

WW=Weeping Willow Culture Building

TM=Traveling Merchant

F2P= Free to Play

P2P= Pay to Play


DP=Diamonds Purchase

Dev=Game Developer or INNO staff

INNO= InnoGames

OP=Original Poster

AFAIK= As far as I know

AFK= Away

BRB= Be right back

EN= International Servers, ZZ=Beta, US=US Servers (All three being the English language Markets ),
DE=German Servers, BR= Brazil, CZ= Czech, DK=Denmark, ES=Spain, FI=Finland, FR=France, GR=Greece, HU=Hungary, IT=Italy, NL=Netherlands, NO=Norway, PL=Poland, PT= Portugal, RO=Romania, RU=Russia, SE=Sweden, SK=Slovakia, TR=Turkey

+1=Someone agreeing or voting yes

RS=Rune Shard

BR=Broken Rune

GA=Golden Abyss

TS or ToS= Tome of Secrets/Temple of Spirits Ancient Wonder

NoT=Needles of the Tempest Ancient Wonder

MM=Martial Monastery Ancient Wonder or Magical Manufacturing Enchantment

CL=Crystal Lighthouse Ancient Wonder

GBS= Great Bell Spire Ancient Wonder

DB= Dwarven Bulwark Ancient Wonder

PR= Prosperity Towers Ancient Wonder

HF=Heroes Forge Ancient Wonder

FA (to also mean)=Flying Academy Ancient Wonder

Maze= Maze of the Dark Matter Ancient Wonder

TT=Toads of the Temple Ancient Wonder

ETC = Elvenar Trade Center Ancient Wonder

ST=Sunset Towers Ancient Wonder

VS= Victory Springs Ancient Wonder

PoP (to also mean): Pyramid of Purification Ancient Wonder

Tech Locked: When you do not have the necessary resources available (yet) to unlock a specific Research Technology

A, Aren, or EN1: Arendyll World/Server

W, Winy or EN2: Winyandor World/Server

F, Fely or EN3: Felyndral World/Server

BSA= Another abbreviation for Fellowship Adventures

Thanks for starting this list @Jake65! And thank you to everyone else for adding any abbreviations that you can think of. There are so many! :smile elf::smile human::)


We have a plan to get them all typed up on a list with everyone's contributions, to get them alphabetical to make life a bit easier. Please though bear with us as we are a little stretched currently....but the plan is in hand :)
Please don't give the job to the person that looks after the summonings in our inventory :p