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Recent content by Siobhanne

  1. Looking For Newbies

    Joining a good fellowship helps you in many ways. Team work in tournaments and events, trades. Priceless information and help.
  2. Answered Broken shards

    Thanks Pauly7 I'll take a look
  3. Answered Broken shards

    Hello Silmaril, thank you. Now I see there's a message about storage, I don't know where the shards are stored to see if there's something there to use to make room. Where are shards stored?
  4. Answered Broken shards

    I crafted 2 shards in the magic Academy. It looks like it's ready to collect but when I click on collect I get a message that 0 shards are available. But this doesn't change, I waited a day to look again and it's still the same message
  5. Looking for a new fellow

    Hello Little Lilith, did you fill your spot.? If not I would like to join your fellowship, sounds like just what I'm looking for. But would not like to let down the fellowship I'm in. So when the Zodiac is over. Regards Siobhanne
  6. Jewels of Arendyll

    Hi Magic Tasha, I'm an active daily player. Helpful. I take part in all the challenges. The Spire still scares me a little. Willing to learn.
  7. New to the forum

    Very encouraging Herodite, thank you. Will take your advice to heart.
  8. Autumn Zodiac quests question.

    Timneh, thank you, very encouraging. I must learn patience.
  9. Autumn Zodiac quests question.

    Thank you for your suggestions though, I will try to prepare better for the next event
  10. Autumn Zodiac quests question.

    The fellowship I'm in doesn't do much in the tournaments. I did the spire in the beginning as soon as I got to chapter 3, but found it really challenging. I guess I'm really new to a strategy game like this. I enjoy the challenge but can't focus on three to four different types of challenges at...
  11. New to the forum

    Thank you so much. After reading the rules a little apprehensive I might post something in the wrong place!
  12. New to the forum

    Thank you very much, it's taking me a while to work out how to see replies, sorry
  13. New to the forum

    Thank you very much.
  14. Autumn Zodiac quests question.

    I have enough KP but can't use them because I need to complete 8 provinces to move to the next level.
  15. Autumn Zodiac quests question.

    After many days enjoying the Autumn Zodiac fellowship adventure I find myself stuck because it is impossible to complete the quest. Please put a possibility to change the quest. Something just as challenging but requiring different resources. My choice is now research a technology, to do this I...