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Recent content by Rose of the South

  1. Rose of the South

    Elves Playground is looking for active players

    Elves Playground is looking for 5 active players, who are at level Fairies or higher that enjoy all parts of the game, if that is you please message me in game.
  2. Rose of the South

    Elves Playground is looking for active players

    Hi Elf Yoda, I have sent a message to your inbox. I hope you accept. :)
  3. Rose of the South

    Elves Playground is looking for active players

    Hi, Elves Playground is looking for 5 active folk who enjoy taking part in the Adventures, Spire and Tournaments. and who play more than once a week, are at level Fairies or higher, I'll even consider a merger of a small fellowship of around 5 fellows. Our rank is 165, so if you wish to grow...
  4. Rose of the South

    Is there a fellowship wanting to merge?

    I need 5 active players willing to participate in all F/Ship activities. the rules have gone.
  5. Rose of the South

    Elves Playground

    I am looking for 7 players who will enjoy being part of an active fellowship, enjoying the weekly tournaments and f/ship adventures, you would need to be of fairies or dwarven level and as long as your boosted goods are NOT Planks, Silk and M.Dust or Planks, Scroll and M.Dust we have far too...
  6. Rose of the South


    Yes I am bored rigid, I am a daily player, tired of doing tournaments on my own, my boosts are Planks, Silks, and Magic Dust. I don't 'do' drama, I only do 2 sometimes 3 star trades and occasionally I have crossed the tiers in a trade, as where I am nobody even does any trading... :( I rarely...
  7. Rose of the South

    Adventurers recruiting!

    Hi, I am looking for an active Fellowship, my boosts are Planks,silks and magic dust, I am a regular player and tired of doing the tournaments on my own. Message me either in game or via here. Many thanks :)
  8. Rose of the South

    Knights of Hammer - Vacancy

    Hi Paul, are you still doing the 'spreadsheets' for the adventures? You say you stay clear of rules but it's the rules you had that decided me to leave, where I am they are relatively clueless, non communicative and I am bored :(. Thinking of going solo, I would like to return to Knights of...
  9. Rose of the South

    Greetings from The Forge of Elvenar

    Hi I am looking for an active Fellowship I'm tired of doing tournaments on my own. Contact me soon I don't often visit the forums.
  10. Rose of the South

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures coming again - with changes!

    I think this is about the adventure, not the last tournament, I feel the adventures are geared to make us lose, for those without a full membership or who don't have huge cities and alot of factories it's impossible to complete, I was buying scrolls like it was going out of fashion and to tell...
  11. Rose of the South

    New Players for Felyndral

    Are there any new players seeking a Fellowship? They have to be willing to join in with the weekly tournament , participate with F/Ship adventures , visit neighbours daily, and not be against chatting in the in game chat If you fill all that criteria then contact me please. Looking forward...
  12. Rose of the South

    Elves Playground is recruiting.

    I'm looking for active players that are team players, that will join in with the tournaments, adventures, trade, daily visits and chat. If you can do these things then we want you! Contact me, please. Rose of the South
  13. Rose of the South

    Answered What can I do, I'm out of storage

    I'm unable to go any further, in the game, it says my storage is at capacity, but I can't upgrade yet I don't have sufficient resources, and in the other world same situation only I don't have sufficient population. Yes, I'm playing in all three worlds.. crazy I know, but What can I do to get...
  14. Rose of the South

    Answered Can I change my name?

    Thank you, Poacher, I kinda like yours too. where did you get your poster from it's brilliant! :)