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Elves Playground

Rose of the South

I am looking for 7 players who will enjoy being part of an active fellowship, enjoying the weekly tournaments and f/ship adventures, you would need to be of fairies or dwarven level and as long as your boosted goods are NOT Planks, Silk and M.Dust or Planks, Scroll and M.Dust we have far too much of those goods. You would need to do a minimum of 4 days a week, if you play more great. :) Feel free to visit the Fellowship, I want to bring in some 'new blood' as my fellows are becoming complacent :(. Oh and I would absolutely love it if you played on a PC at least some of the time.. far too many mobile fellows which makes sending out info difficult. This is kind've urgent, as I am becoming more and more disheartened at trying find more fellows, if you are a small fellowship and wish to merge that would be great too. but you would need to merge with mine. I look forward to hearing from serious like minded players. Happy gaming ;)
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