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Yuletide Greetings - Elvenar devs and mods


Best wishes to all the hard-working devs and mods who keep our wonderful game running smoothly. The game is playing the best I have ever seen. IMHO

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. :)



Happy Holidays @SkyRider99 ........sorry just now seeing this

on a side note to the mods @Herodite , @Silmaril , @anonglitch or anyone else......why is there no like button for things posted in the lounge and why are things posted from the lounge not showing up under the What's new tab?
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Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
The whole purpose of The Lounge is to keep it a hassle-free/worry-free/pressure-free part of the Community.

In a way (at a collective level), likes and post count wouldn't fall into the "hassle-free" category, as these are real for the rest of the Forums, and for this reason, we kept it this way more like the symbological part of it.

Regarding "What is New," it focuses on the "active and non-hassle-free" part of the Forums. The symbology here is that after you go through the latest updates, post whatever you need, and then "go for fun," which is where you will spend more time in the Forums (or the intention projected here.)

Let's imagine that this was a community about computer engineering. To unwind, they have their Lounge where they do not talk about computer engineering and have no pressure (no rates, no statistics, no nothing). So, although this is Elvenar and not computer engineering, the same principle applies for all Forum-Communities in the world, or most of them :)