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Workshop Challenge started in Beta


Workshop Challenge started in Beta! This runs for three days and is a nice, easy mini-event to alternate with Fellowship Adventures in between the main events.
We have been asking for something like this for ages!! I hope this will be a permanent feature, so we can have a nice gap in between the FA's!!


Silly Bubbles

I think it's time to build more workshops again. This is from Beta Forum announcement:

Challenges are mini-events in which (depending on the type of challenge) you can earn medals by completing certain tasks (e.g. finishing workshop productions and casting Enchantments). These medals add up in a progress bar and at certain milestones you'll get rewards for your accomplishments.


PS: @Jackluyt, your image has a broken link.


I did publish a full graphic of the version we had in Beta, together with prizes - but the picture has vanished.
Here it is again:


Sir Derf

Also, this is the Beta thread... Their challenge ended, like, weeks ago. Ours ends in 15+hours, for those who haven't already completed it yet like you.