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Question Woodelves Chapter

I'm on Woodelves chapter and a bit confused. The research has upgrades to tier 1 factories but later on "grafting sites" for the tier 1 goods.

Do you have to get rid of your tier 1 factories once you've researched the grafting sites??

Also, what is a good number of residences at this level? I have around 30 at the moment.


The grafting sites are the guest race production buildings. They are independent from your regular T1. They are called "marble grafting site" etc ... because they use that kind of good to make settlement sources. So, you don't sell your T1, you upgrade them when you unlock the tech for it :)

It's hard to say how many residences you need becasue it depends on the number of WS, factories, armouries, AWS etc... you have in your city and also on the number of event buildings that give population you have placed. I have always tried to keep the number of residences low in favour of the event buildings (I think I had about 23 residences then) and worked hard on my Mountain Halls and Golden Abyss. Although admittedly when I was in Woodelves the event buildings were much better and gave much more pop so maybe now more residences makes sense, idk.