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Wolf Pack © EN1 Arendyll is recruiting!


Wolf Pack © EN1 Arendyll is recruiting!

Our Wolf Pack is looking for new wolves to join the pack :)

We're a fun, friendly and drama-free fellowship that likes to do well in spire and tournaments. We unlock all 12 spire chests weekly (gold trophy) and easily unlock 10 tourney chests every week, most weeks we get around 13-15 chests.

To stimulate growth and ancient wonder upgrading we have KP swap threads of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 and 150KP.
We also utilise a Discord server, with lots of helpful info and tips. All wolves are welcome (not obliged) to join the server.

If you're interested in joining us, kindly read the requirements below:

1. Complete at LEAST 2 levels in the Spire every week. (In other words; defeat the 2nd big boss - a.k.a. Frog, reach the Laboratory level, and collect at least 42 essence points).
2. Contribute at LEAST 1000 points in Tournament every week.
3. City size of at least 150k*
4. Willing to perform neighbourly help 5+ times a week, in accordance with each player’s NH request.
5. We're not Fellowship Adventure fanatics, we mostly just go for stage rewards, but every few FA’s we consider having a go at it for a top 10 spot. Participation isn't mandatory, but moderate enthusiasm for playing FA would be considered a plus :) When participating, following the FA-plan is required.
6. Communication is key, please check your in-game mails regularly and if you’re going to be away for >2 days, please let us (or at least the Archmage) know.

*if you are a very active player who can at least meet the spire and tourney requirements, then we really have no problem waiving that 150K city size requirement :)

If you’d like to join, and you meet the above stated requirements, then please apply by messaging C-Nymph in game, and please tell us something about yourself and your playstyle :)

Thank you in advance for showing interest!


We have room for several people, so it is entirely possible if you want to join together with a friend!