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Winyandor - Tournament Oriented Fellowship Recruiting!

- ‘Widow Makers’ are an attack based, war minded fellowship based in ‘Winyandor’!

- We are a tournament oriented fellowship, who goes to war as a unified team, also battling in every fellowship adventure and spire event!

- A fully active fellowship, with every member valued and helped by all others! So mutual respect is paramount in becoming a member!

- If you strive for the battle, want to become the pinnacle warrior and want to bask in all the rewards which a successful fellowship offers? Then look no further!

- We welcome any new members who share the same ethics and are prepared to contribute to the collective.

- You be expected to take part and give 110% in every tournament and to work as a team! (This is a mandatory requirement)

- We encourage players to push their own limits and boundaries to achieve the best possible results!

- If you believe your self to be a suitable candidate for membership, that you are prepared for constant challenges and you are not one to sit on the fence observing, I would encourage you to apply to ‘Widow Makers’ where you journey will begin.

- If you are not motivated to succeed, I suggest that this fellowship is not for you, so please don’t waste our time or your own!

- If you require any further information, please do not hesitate in sending me a personal message in the game and I will be happy to discuss any concerns you might have!

Good Hunting.
I am pleased to announce that ‘Widow Makers’ have recently had 2 spaces become available for new active members!

We are a fully active fellowship and are looking to recruit 2 likeminded players to join our fantastic family unit.

Please apply to ‘Widow Makers’ in game or send me a personal message if you have any further questions.

Good Hunting,