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Winter Magic - new event


A new event has started on Beta a few days ago. As always you can see all the new buildings and daily prizes on IDavis' site and here's the official announcement form Discord-Beta

Dear Humans and Elves,

We have a new Event coming up!

# Winter Magic - On Beta from November 13th
As winter's icy grip tightens, a group of wanderers stumbles upon a secret deep within the snowy forest. They discover a special flower bud that gives off warmth in the cold. Word spreads, drawing more people to the flower, all unaware of the potential trouble it could bring. As the wanderers break the ice around the flower, the once-pristine snow begins to melt, turning the place into a swamp and causing panic.

Winter Shamans hear about the incident and hurry to the site to try and control the unruly flower. Can the Winter Shamans master the wild flower, or will it melt everything in its path, leaving behind an inhospitable land?

## Main Prize: Hearthbloom

The main building is an evolving building that produces produces Culture, Population, Sentient Goods, Ascended Goods, and Knowledge Points.

## There will be a recipe that has a chance to appear in crafting!
It costs 2 Hearthbloom Artifacts and some Spell Fragments and gives one Tome of Snowy Instants. The Tome has the following options to select from:
* Gingerbread Artifact
* Watchful Winter Owl Artifact
* Boblin's Express Service Artifact
* Chromafrost Glacier Artifact
* x4 royal restoration

This event will also feature the Leagues system, as well as the Royal Prize Pass.