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When you can't keep up


I am one knowlege block away from Chapter 6 and have been upgrading my butt off for about 3 weeks now. I am suddenly having problems staying flush with both coins and supplies, though they are up and down. It's ridiculous! The developers need to change the tree a little so that everyone doesn't have to research their unboosted goods, but rather earn coins or supplies, especially certain chapters. AND, i think it should be made clear somewhere that the upgrades are required for certain chapters so that folks don't get left behind and end up AS the 8-ball in the corner pocket, struggling. THAT truly sucks. I was previously made aware by a few, but I had not encountered a problem untill I started finishing my upgrades. GEESH! This is time staking and painfully slow. I can't even play the spire and barely compete in tournaments because I need other things sooooooooooooooo badly! It should not be this upside down, ever! AND yes, I read Gems and Forum, but nothing is that specific. OK, so I am complaining, as usual. I'm still gonna make it, cuz I'm NOT a quitter!


At that stage everything seems unbalanced and it's really hard to find a midway for everything. Coins you can get from visits - ask for MH and you will have to visit the whole NH every single day. Tools ... hmm ... partly from golden hands (visits done in the frame of 23h), crafting tools instants, using PoP spells extremely wise, to get the maximum from them. From events, look for good buildings for *tools. Once you are done with Fairies, would be a good move to build Prosperity Tower and upgrade it asap to lvl.6 (then, later, even higher). Also you have the quests on the left side of the screen (where is also the story line quest). They can drive you crazy but rotating them when you collect your goods you will get coins and tools.
About upgrades, mmwell ... yeah ... you have to keep them upgraded to the level allowed by your chapter. The best is to do all upgrades at the end of every chapter after you sold the guest Race Settlement and have space to rearrange your city layout too. Btw, 3 Magic WS upgraded to the lvl. of ur chapter are producing more than enough tools and even more if you put a spell on them.

*your needs will change along the next chapters, now u need tools, later you will die for a drop of mana or a handful of Divine seeds :D


I think it's the whole point of the game that you'll be stuck for something - limited on space, or supplies, or goods. You haven't hit Mana yet - the crunch when you suddenly need masses of that can be brutal. I assume it's deliberate and correct that you can't do everything all the time, but must prioritise and optimise - that's the strategy in the game.

For supplies - I'd be looking at the instants. If you watch for the 50% and 100% supply instants in your magic academy and craft those, that's a huge number of supplies each time; and they're not mega expensive. If you haven't maxed your MA to improve the number of CCs you can create, then that should be your first priority for diamonds. In later chapters if you can get 1 or 2 magic workshops and use a PoP spell on each, each day then you'll be drowning in supplies (a magic workshop gives roughly 2* a normal one, a PoP spell triples that again...).

And Alcaro mentioned the quests - I'd reiterate that; you can be quite brutal cancelling every single rotating quest that you can't do immediately. There are usually 2 quests on the left. One is a story quest relating to your chapter (many of which you can't decline). And the other a rotating one - it just cycles through the same 12 or so endlessly. Ignore the warning when you cancel that it won't come back - it will. And on the rotating ones you can be ruthless cancelling until you get one that pays out immediately. That's useful in earlier chapters - in later chapters costs are high enough that the rewards from the rotating quests just become worthless and you can ignore them.


As to supplies: Delete your WS first of all. You can make much more supplies on that space in at least 3 different ways. WS are the standard way of doing supplies, but they are horribly, terribly insanely inefficient at it. Doing things the same way everybody else does will land you in the middle of the pack (and the middle of the pack is suffering from lack of resources all the time). If you want to do better you need to build a city that is more efficient than average :) Easiest way to do that is by deleting all your WS (or teleport them if you´re afraid, but I am pretty sure you´ll never want them back anyway).

Better ways to gain supplies:

1. Early game, becomes too much work in higher chapters (say double digits).
Cycle quest Tax collector: Cycle through until you get it, fill it, collect the reward and cycle back to it again. Do this as long as you want/need more supplies, it´s an unlimited source depending only on how many lvl 1 WS you have. 10 or 20 are usually enough (you need the 3 h production)

2. Starts chapter 2 until chapter 15.
AWs: Have a ToS and EE at lvl 1. (if you build it early in the game I would upgrade the ToS to lvl 6). Both of them are best deleted in chapter 15. Once you finish Faeries: PTower is by far the best AW for supplies. Especially later on when you have MagicWS with PoPs, which is why it´s a keeper even beyond chapter 15.

3. Anywhere in the game, at the latest from when you get the MA: Supply instants! Make sure you set your Ferris Wheel to make them! Craft them! Make sure you pick them up in events on purpose (not just by accident) You can easily make more supplies from an event in a month than you can make with 10 WS in a month.

4. In chapter 15 WS get a boost, normal WS are still useless, but Magic ones get the same boost from a higher starting point, as long as you never collect them without a PoP (even further boosted by PTowers), they produce supplies in huge quantities (not necessarily in the most efficient way possible, but certainly in huge absolute numbers)