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Wheat ear-City Organizing Formula



As you can see the city is set up as the Wheat Ear formula which is adaptable to changing the direction of buildings.This formula is helpful for both Human and Elves.In middle,there can be set Residences or the building you wish.You can also add roads to this setting.It makes the city look very stylish while also organizing many buildings and saving space.I also have my city set up as:


So it helped my city organize a lot while also saving many tiles of space.The main settings are:
a)Setting Main Hall in a corner.
b)Using the non-connecting road for Manufactories and something else.
c)Using the main connecting roads for Ancient wonder/Magical goods.
d)Using the other non-connecting roads for residences/workshops.

And as I said before,you can add some design too as I added an U-Turn to build 9 Weeping Willows,2 Ancient Wonders and a Woodelves Habitat with Event building.I also used the non connecting roads for Residences and Building Guest Race building(Chapter-9/Woodelves)

You can also see that the "Wheat Ear" designs have "open" roads on the 2 borders where the new expansion will appear, requiring no street modification when growing, when the spiral will have to be redesigned for a part when the city will grow...
In a wheat ear design, the working area where you can put your settlement (or event factories) is in the bottom, at the opposite of the MH and is easily adaptable in width or length because at end of the roads and because of the flexibility of the road lengths, you can generally compensate a few extra roads cells because you can mostly avoid using fillers...

I will update as soon as I get to Sorcerers & Dragons/Chapter-10.You can also put recommendations for building an efficient city by visiting here.Hope you like them.

~Happy Gaming~

Tunan,Jimlun & tonton-des-bois


I really don't have much energy so here is the demo: