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What do you look for in a fellowship

What should a fellowship have?

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We have a fairly good fellowship (Phoenix Too) But always interested in how to make the fellowship more interesting or enjoyable. So open to ideas and suggestions.
Basically what do you look for or expect from a fellowship?

So far fairly predictable:
Active members (so unless they tell you they are going to be inactive for; Medical emergencies, holidays or RL issues but will return) Inactivity eventually leads to expulsion, but when and how long do you wait?
Good trading ...it helps but usually I find neighbors will pick up the slack....if you have decent neighbors!
Sociable interaction...yes I find it helps, plus I stay on longer if involved in a good debate or jocularity...

p.s. what was the other? :D
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One of the main things i'm noticing to have a really good fellowship.That Is to have a diversified group when it comes to production goods


I think it's important that :
1) the fellowship members are active, help daily or close to that
2) there is a lively trading situation and a balance of boosted goods
3) interaction and support as regards the game among fellows

Chat is also important, but I'd prefer a less active chat with all of the above than vice versa :p

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the current fellowship offers little except trading without penalties regardless of distance.

Information is dependent on how much is being shared and how accurate the information is given.

I think it is important to have a chat-able fellowship. otherwise its pretty useless


  • Daily help (including advice from experienced players to get the smaller players on a roll)
  • The right balance in booster factories
  • Fair trade
  • Communicative and active Mage Team
  • FUN (Being friendly and respectful towards other fellows makes it way more fun to play.
    We, Fellowship Of The Ñarmo on Winyandor, also have some hilarious folks on board and that makes it great to hang out with, so people do come back, work on their city and have a good laugh along the way, they get some virtual tea & biscuits when they visit (meaning their fellows are very grateful and show it). Our daily help is incredible: 22 per day on average!
If balance in boosters is right, (FS)rank will increase rapidly but not without all the mentioned above :)
A good fellowship is about any other good relationship... all that are in for the ride need to give it 100%.


Very important factor right there in my opinion. ;)
(Nice sneaky little advertisement by the way. :D)

From what I've gathered, fellowships can make or break your game. Or should I say brake your game?

What I look for in a fellowship will always differ slightly from what others seek. Some points might be the same, but in the end we're all trying to find our own unique place in the game where we can enjoy playing with others. Whether you seek active players to compete in the rankings, well-balanced trade partners, or regular support on a daily basis, or just people to hang out with (via chat). They're all valid points that make up an ideal fellowship for most players.

But what about challenging yourself by picking a fellowship with no guarantees? That's effectively what I did, by specifically picking a fellowship that has no rules or demands on how active you need to be and consists of a very broad range of ranked players.
  • Activity: we've got it all, from the nearly 24/7 active players and those who come online once a day. Is that bad? No. It's just diverse and makes things considerably less predictable.
  • Neighbourly Help: Some days I'll get the 150% bonus... Other days I'll only have 125%. Very fitting when considering the bonus icon depicts weather. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
  • Trades: I've got 60 trades posted nearly at all times. Do I ever have shortages in goods? Very rarely, and then that's because I was being too impatient - not due to lack of trades. Do I rely on just my fellowship though? No. Would be a shame if I did as we then might as well just trade internally amongst fellowships and ignore the outside world. To me it is just as important to trade with neighbours as it is to trade with fellows. The same goes for aiding in other player's progression through the game. If they're doing well, I'm doing well.
So what about fun? My fellowship's chat is rather quiet and messages are an even rarer sight, so I can't argue we're that social at all. It's really not why I chose to join a fellowship though. For the social aspect - I joined the forums. :D

TL;DR So if you ask me, the most important point is that a fellowship is diverse. The trouble is finding the right players that match that diversity. :rolleyes:

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Rather than waiting for things to fall in place, have you considered searching for what you prefer?
Changes may be slow, but birds of a feather flock together.
How you behave would pretty much determine how others would perceive you online and decide to stay with you or leave :)