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Weird Trading experience


It seems to be an enhancement from the latest game upgrade. The coins and supplies amounts are now shown in more manageable numbers too. I'm liking it thus far. :)


Sorry, forgot to report back to the forum about the newest release notes ;)

Solaris - US Community Manager said:
Source = Discord

Version 1.184​

Dear Humans and Elves,

Our Version Update will go live on the EN servers from September 26, for US, on September 28. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week.


  • The trader confirmation popup is removed on browser so that players can easily place multiple offers
  • We added content linked to future events

Bug fixes​

  • A display issue was fixed for a quest where the dialog bubble popped up, you could see 3 dots which shouldn't have been visible
Do not hesitate to let us know your feedback on the changes by leaving a comment in the discussion thread that is only available on Discord.

Kind Regards, Your Elvenar Team.
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It crossed my mind that you were maybe showing some sarcasm there, but I went for the helpful reply just in case you were being serious ;)