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Warning of Production Selection Default

Sir Derf

I recently used some RR spells to upgrade my Triumph of the Tides to my current chapter.

I just collected from it, and noticed that it had produced Supplies, not Seeds. Apparently, upgrading reset the production selection to the initial default of Supplies. My suggestions...
  1. Either don't reset the production selection when upgrading, or
  2. Produce a pop-up to force you to choose between the new post-upgrade options, or
  3. Produce a warning pop-up announcing that the production selection will reset to the initial default selection.


I imagine that the game sees an upgrade as a new building and plops it in with default settings. I like your #3 though.

Sir Derf

Well, it doesn't have to. Somewhere, the routine knows that you are spending resources and performs a iLVL=iLVL+1, it should be very easy to surround that with a iTempProduction = iProduction and iProduction = iTempProduction.