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War or Peace Needs You Now!


"War or Peace" is recruiting for a few members to fill the openings. Imagine a Fellowship where everyone has an equal vote in all decisions. We are a small fellowship with no rules except to have fun and grow your city your way. But we've got your back with visits, trades, and support. Just starting out? Let us help you grow! Tired of the restrictive rules and pressure of other fellowships? Join us and you can be part of helping our/your fellowship grow. We are "War or Peace." Come and check us out!
I just wanted to add that although we are not one of the top-ranked fellowships, our members are real go-getters, especially in the fellowship adventures. (We ranked #20 in the July adventure.) All participation is voluntary in our group, but almost everyone jumps in to help out. We have a few members who also have cities in Beta, so they pass along news and hints for upcoming changes and events. Our more advanced players are happy to give suggestions if asked, but you're not required or expected to limit yourself to only boosted goods or arrange your buildings for efficiency if you prefer to make your city pretty (that's what I do, ;)). Free thinker or free spirit, if you want a fellowship where you can be yourself, this is the place for you.

See you soon!

Squiggle, Mage
War or Peace