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Version 1.150


Well Hello There! :D

Nothings being confirmed as resolved as far as I know. All I DO know is that they've been working tirelessly to get this sorted. It may be that they are getting very close to a resolution but aren't ready to make an official thumbs up as yet just in case things go awry again! I'll try to find out a bit more! :)

Kind Regards

ty @Herodite

p.s. your new avatar is freaking me out a bit LOL


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
Ah yes, my little Dark Dude! Do not allow his harsh exterior to fool you! He's a total Marshmallow really! Much like me :D


can maybe a mod, @Herodite or anyone else, please confirm if the problem of freezing has been fixed.....I don't want to shoot myself in the foot but I have had no problems in the past couple of days......maybe some of the other players @SkyRider99 , @Hekata , @sunrae and anyone else that this was happening to, please maybe confirm if they are still having issues or if it looks to be fixed for you as well.....thank you :)

@kimkimkim @Herodite Hi, I don't want to say anything out loud as the Fates are always listening but..... my fingers are crossed and have been for the last couple of days. ;)


The Trader is humming along nicely.

Good work by the devs in eradicating and fumigating those pesky bugs.

In fact there seem to be general improvements in response to other game activities too. It could be just my imagination :p