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Urban Heroes recruiting

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Urban Heroes still recruiting active players!

We lack crystal mainly, but any good application will be considered as well.
We provide fast intratier trades and good teamwork during all events.
We are constantly climbing the ranklist and achieved the following while having only 19 members:

current rank: 31
adventure rank: 39
highest tourney chest: 6

We expect from our members:
1. Be willing to grow at a reasonable speed
2. Participate at all tournaments (300 points min.)
3. Visit at least 4 times a week following announced preferences
4. Have nonboosted manufacturies only for adventures
5. Do fair trades (with exceptions, crosstier is allowed)
6. Read mail to the whole fs and react to personal letters of your archmage
7. Tell us in your city name if you are away for more than 3 days
8. Ask for help or advice if you need it
9. Be polite and have fun :)

regards, zgniniarT
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