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Answered Upgrading Moonstone Library


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Elvenar Team
@Ellania No question is a daft question! :)

I do!


How many of us, or how many times we upgrade them? I guess the first one. I upgrade only part of my Moonstone Library, to save "restoraticles" (Royal Restoration thingies). When it will become obsolete, I intend to dismantle it and then repeat the process of building it. But, if in the future I manage to get better flow of won "restoraticles", I will definitely upgrade the rest, and keep the thing! If it would still be of any worth at that stage.


@Ellania, the Library itself keeps producing scrolls when upgraded but the gum trees and mana plants change what they produce depending on their level. Before upgrading those check that you want/need whatever their new production will be.


I sold mine and then got it all back through Crafting at my current Chapter. Found that cheaper than using RR's on it and it didn't take long to get all parts again.