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Announcement Upcoming Tournament Changes!


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

With the next Tournament round we will introduce some changes to the Tournament rewards. These are designed to especially help our early players acquire different types of relics more easily, instead of having to wait over 2 months to get relics from a specific type. The changes we will introduce are as follows:

  • Tournament Trophies - We are now officially introducing them to the game. They do not really have a direct impact on the game play, but are nice to have as 'bragging rights'.
  • Relic Rewards - Instead of only getting relics from the specific tournament type, the first province will give relics of the same type as the tournament, and the next province will give the next relic type in the typical relic order etc. so that there will be a more even distribution of all relic types in every Tournament.
  • Knowledge Point redistribution - Knowledge Points will be redistributed, so that new players will more easily understand that you can get valuable Knowledge Points in Tournaments. Important to note here is that no reward will be moved backwards (so it is impossible to get less for same effort).
  • Change in the costs of magic spells - The current cost of balancing Enchantments leads to an uneven spending of relics. This is a disadvantage for all players, but it gets more and more critical the further a player progresses in the game. As an example a player might spend all his relics for Ascended Goods and then is stuck for a very long time on higher chapters. With changing the costs of spells, we hope to take away that problem.

The changes will become available with the Tournament starts on June 15th - please check them out and leave your comments in the discussion thread!

kind regards
Your Elvenar Team