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Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Records #3.5 - Furthest Neighbor

Sir Derf

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood?
Say, who are the people in your neighborhood?
The people that you meet each day


Standard Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Rules - Pics or it didn't happen

Standard Official Forum Rules (Thank you, @Herodite) - Don't include the name of other players, who might object to said mention without their consent.


@Sir Derf are you including the members of your fellowship or not?

in fellowship, not discovered
Screenshot (3).png

not in fellowship, discovered
Screenshot (4).png


Quick question @Sir Derf where do I see the image of how far away a neighbour is, just never noticed before and cannot find it quickly checking obvious places.

Sir Derf

To be clearer...

Browser version (App version doesn't have a Neighbors tab)
World Map
Show Provinces icon (looks like a honeycomb)
Neighbors tab


The arrow is direction and the number is distance, and I've got several neighbors that have the same numbers with arrows pointing in different directions.
Since fellowship members can come from anywhere, distance can be pretty far away.

In terms of counting neighbors, I check how many pages of neighbors I have.
It's 9 per page times the highest fully filled page plus any remainders from the last page.
For me that's (9 x 48)+ 2 = 434 neighbors, and fellowship is included in that number.

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Sir Derf

Thank you for the rundown. But, attempts to get friendly with an Official Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Judge does not get you extra points.


...I´m not playing that long...give me a few week ...atm. I´m at 160...
I have to push my world map progress to 100k...I´m on it...