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Unexpectedly available again! :)


[NB : Sorry this is rather hurried - I'm hoping to catch Tourney/Spire/FA start, so this is a [slightly altered] re-edit of a similar post, back in May... apologies!]

Hey there everyone,

I'm keeping this fairly brief in the hope of finding a new home - temporary or permanent - ideally before the next Tourney/Spire/FA starts.

Here's me in summary:
  • Slow but steady 4½-year Combat-focused & PC-based Elf player (on Arendyll for 2½ years) - typically 1-3 logins per day & in early Ch.13 Amuni;
  • Regular 2* or 2* Trader with Boosts being Planks, Silk, Dust (can be [near to] self-sufficient in Scrolls using BTG - if that's a problem);
  • Seeking a minimum 10-Chest FS - ideally more - I'm not naturally competitive but Tourney rewards are vital to me and my Tourney Average is ~3,500+ ;
  • Not very keen on Spire but usually complete Stage 2 - prefer primarily Silver Spire FS, but can sustainably reach Gold once per ~4 weeks;
    • Just to say : I have tried weekly Gold Spire - but (a) my City can't sustain that until I have all-3* Merc Camp Troops, and (b) I just don't love it! ;)
  • Actively levelling my AWs - prefer a FS with Members actively levelling mid-later game AWs (have used Swaps and NetZero - not tried Wonder Society);
  • Neutral on FAs, but always pitch in & support FS to best ability - hoping for FS which completes at least one Path per Map for the prizes (esp. Artifacts);
  • Need FS actively Trading in T1-T3 because my Map position is deteriorating (my City was finally moved, but new/dead Cities are now multiplying again);
  • I give NH daily and rely on consistently returned NH from FS, to support my City build strategy and [again] due to unreliability of Map Neighbours;
  • Not Rank/Score-minded - I value (and play for) efficiency, camaraderie, and reward-for-effort rather than high Scores per se;
  • I'm sociable, communicative, and generally FS-minded. I am interested in the game's mechanics and enjoy discussing all things Elvenar (and beyond!).
Some/many of these points won't be of much interest to a temporary FS, but I'm very happy to chat in more depth with anyone who would like to know more.

Many thanks in advance! :)

Cheers ~ Laurelin


Hi Laurelin

I have a place for you in Fantasy Fellowship now if you are interested, with a possibility of moving to Resurgent if you are more ambitious when a space becomes available.

Just message rad888 or readyplayer1 in game if you are interested.


nb... sent you an invite to Fantasy Fellowship


We have some places at WyldPurpleFaeSpiders

We have been getting 10 chests for a few months now. Recently we started getting more serious about the spire, and have gotten a few silvers.

We are seeking active players, but we are not competitive and have no hard rules or minimums. Drop me a message in game if you are interested, or simply join us.


Thanks very much, @rad888 - I'm delighted to accept (already done) :)
Many thanks also for your kind invitation, @apwith, but it seems that this post has crossed with yours - I've already accepted rad888's earlier offer.
And both offers are very much appreciated, of course!


Excellent, @Laurelin! Hope you have a blast at the Fantasy Fellowship! And, if at some point in the future you find yourself drifting again, by all means look us up. ;)


Great to see you active again, I sent you a message on this forum, sorry I missed your ad, former Elvinears are always welcome back, anyway I hope you enjoy your current new fellowship, and the game. :)