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Uhm...so I'm new...

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Welp, I normally stay away from forums as far as I can, too bad these things rely so much on communities which I'm really not that into ^^'

Anyway, I kinda like this game and started my own "fellowship", I'm not really the social type but maybe someone likeminded may be interested in joining me?
I don't intend to be competitive or something, just casually strolling through the game's content (and as a group possibly make more out of events and stuff ;-) )

I'm pretty open about my own depression and social anxiety so I'm not exactly talkative, I prefer sort of a silent understand, a rather loose fellowship just reaping rewards of collaboration^^

Oh right it would be wise to put in my details...I play on mobile, am still in the first knowledge section (last branch though), I love to support some chill female/lgbt+/etc folk, I go by the name of ZioElsydeon and my fellowship's name is Zio's Heart Corps.

So if someone is interested just hit me up <3

p.s.: if this is the wrong place to post this I'd appreciate a pointer, thanks (and sorry if this was the case)


Hiya @ZioElsydeon,

Welcome to Elvenar and the Forum.

Perhaps you'd like to start a thread in the 'Fellowships looking for members' section. The link is here: Game Worlds

First you need to know which world you play on. There are three: Arendyll, Winyandor and Felyndral. Select the right one and open a thread there.

Good luck recruiting for your fellowship! :)


Oh I'm sorry, I saw that but thought the mobile version was kind of a standalone one..couldn't find any sign of what I was on but logging out and logging in prompted me with a choice and now I know^^ thanks for that hint!

By the way, what happens if I play on another world? Will I start a new game there or will my stuff be transferred?


By the way, what happens if I play on another world? Will I start a new game there or will my stuff be transferred?

If you start on a new world, you start a new game. A lot of people have cities on different worlds so they can see what it is like to play as a human or as an elf. :cool:


Ah, thanks a lot! Maybe I'll give humanity one last chance;)


Do you find you get deleted a lot?


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