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Troubleshooting 101 - Cache Clearing


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Elvenar Team
Did you know that most display issue you encounter are down to how your hardware stores information?

This Troubleshooting Guide is designed to help you with the basic checks that you need to do if you are experiencing issues in your city.

Display issues can manifest as all sorts of small things, from the inability to leave your city to go to the World Map, lack of building graphics or animations, Manufactory Productions appearing to not be working and much more.

These type of issues indicate that your browsers cache needs to be cleared.

Here is what you can do to solve the issues:
  • First log out of all websites and clear your cache. The browser's cache stores file locally so that websites can be loaded faster. It is often the case that these files can become out dated. For example, when something in the game code changes, the old code that has been stored and the new code coming in will clash, preventing either from loading correctly. For this reason, most simple problems can be cured by clearing your browser's cache. If you are unsure how to do this, please use the following link: Wiki - Cache Clearing
  • Once the cache is cleared, you will need to restart your device, this then removes the outdated codes fully.
  • Whilst your device is restarting, also complete a soft reset of your modem (turning it off and unplugging it for three minutes).
Please use the link to "Wiki - Cache Clearing" This covers a multitude of both Browser and the App information as all devices use a cache in this way. It also gives a step by step guide, if you are not used to doing this as a matter of routine.

Making sure to soft reset your modem as well really makes sure that all of the saved files that are loaded for every website in its own cache are also removed. This generally improves browsing speed and prevents lag and display issues too. This is something that should be done at least once a month as basic maintenance. Just remember to let the rest of the household know that the internet will be off for a few minutes. :)

It might take a few minutes to clear your cache if you have not done this recently, but watching your loading bar getting stuck at 26/29 or searching for your buildings in your city takes a while too.

One last tip: Don't delete your saved passwords! It is sufficient to just make a check in the box "Clear Cache". You do not need to delete the whole history or cookies.

Please note that even App users need to also clear the cache, although this is of course done slightly differently to the browser. The linked Wiki also covers Android and iOS too.

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