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Question Trading ratios?


So what really is the ratio between different tier goods? Elvenar says that the ratio is (for example) a Tier 3 good is equal to 4 Tier 2 goods or 16 Tier 3 goods. After seeing that 4 gems for 9 wood is a 2 star trade, it became obvious to me that this ratio is not real, or real in a different way. Could someone please explain to me what this ratio is, and why there isn't an exact valu percentage between different tier goods?


One also must be careful of when things were written. Not so sure it was updated everywhere. When I started playing the ratio between adjacent tiers was 1:4, but it has since been adjusted to what it is now, as mentioned by Pauly7.


Gems for Wood is across 2 tiers so 1:1.5x1.5 or 1:2.25

The 1:4 ration was the reason why cross tier trades were a really bad idea back in the day, but that has been fixed a long time ago now.