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Too much guess work


totally agree!

In other game, we have an in-game calendar where you can check on which day it starts an event, when it ends. It could be as well in forum, I wouldn't mind. :)
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Well the idea is good, but compared to other games there are so few events in elvenar, the calendar would be pretty much empty if you leave out the weekly ones that have always the same times...

Basically it would be 1 or 2 entries per month. 1 FA and 1 story event. Kind of a boring calendar.

For me it would be enough if they just announced the starting day a bit longer than 2 days in advance, but hey if they want to do it in a calendar a month in advance I won´t complain...


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Right, I am putting it forward, because I think it's a novel idea! However my concern is that there would be no actual certainty for Dates. Maybe some form of Quarterly "Upcoming Events"?? As you know there have been recent changes to events where you will get a countdown, or around 48hrs notice for Fellowship Adventures, but we do understand how keen Players are to have advance notice of other things such as the Artifact turnaround.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our Update Announcements from @anonglitch and @Silmaril concerning Artifact Turnarounds. Anyway i'll throw the idea forward guys. As always I can never give an immediate answer on these so please bare with me :)

Kind Regards

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Silly Bubbles

An elvenar calendar would be nice.It'd take all the guess work and queriables out of things.
That would be great so we, Elvenar addicts, can plan our life around it much better. :D

However my concern is that there would be no actual certainty for Dates.
There could be a disclaimer that the dates aren't guaranteed and whenever there's a change just to make sure it's updated. I'd be happy to just have intended release day, it doesn't have to be guaranteed. Most of the time it'll probably be right anyway.