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There Be Dragons is recruiting


We are an easy-going group with lots of conversation that gets 10 chests done every week.
We just did a push to get Gold on the Spire and want to do that more often.
More good news, we do not go for ranking points in Fellowship Adventures.

There are two current openings and we might be able to make one or two more if a small group of friends wanted to come in.
We are not looking for super competitive players.
We help each other and have fun. But you will be expected to do your fair share in tournament and Spire.

Contact me directly if you are interested.


We still have 3 openings and 3 more players who are relatively inactive.
So if a small group of friendly, active players wants to leave join as a group we might be able to handle it.
As stated above we do not want super competitive players.
We seek people who want to get their blueprints every week, go for gold on Spire once a month and have fun.

Please contact me or Yogi Buzzard if you are interested. Individuals or a small group of friends.