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The Naked Ones are recruiting


We are based on the EN server, Winyandor and are looking for active players to replace members who have left the game.
We all visit each other several times a week and regularly trade with one another, if you are short on a certain good just ask! We all chat regularly via messages or the fellowship chat, so expect to get pulled into our nudist antics and parties at whoever is away at the time. All the Naked ones are of varying scores, so don't worry about being relatively new to the game.
If you're not fond of going full frontal assault on the elves and humans we have fig leaves aplenty.
Just message Trishata96 in game with your boosts in you are interested.

If you have any questions just ask here.


Pretty wide age range Sashtavtar, some of us have grandkids. Some are alot younger like myself. If I had to guess about 30-35 is the average


I have steel, crystal and elixir as my boosted goods! This is my second city. If u think u want me please do respond to "aary"