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The Eyes of Argus - New fellowship looking for members


Hi all,

In an ancient time there was Argus, a giant who was the faithful servant to the goddess Hera. A giant who had many eyes (some say 100), who could stay awake at all times as only few of his eyes would sleep at one time. He would have played Elvenar 24/7, for sure.

We cannot possibly play 24/7 ourselves but, in his honour and to achieve a 24/7 fellowship, we invite enthusiastic players from around the globe to join and help us grow, progress in the game together, compete in tournaments and, above all, enjoy the game. The fellowship maxim: as usual, frequent neighbourly visits, fair trades and reasonable behavior are expected. As we are a new fellowship, all city sizes and all boosted goods are welcome.

If you are completely hooked on Elvenar and are looking for a fellowship you can grow with, have a look. Thanks, Ste1