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The Blue Bandits


The Blue Bandits

We Are a well established Fellowship and have the following spaces to be filled

We Would like

1 x Planks / Silk / Magic Dust

1 x Steel / Crystal / Elixir

We would prefer that your score is over 2500
(but if you're close enough, you have a chance)

We Are a fellowship who believes in building only your boosted goods

visiting fellow members 5 out of 7 Days

Trading fairly at 2* or 3*

We also join in the Tournament to the best of our abilities
(no minimum score)

As for Growth of your city- we would like you to aim for improving your city
between 300 - 500 points per week
(which is averaged out over a 4 week time slot)

All you have to do to join our fabulous fellowship is
find The Blue Bandits
Agree to our rules
And Click Apply
This was posted on behalf of Lordessa
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Still looking for the people listed above.

The first post will always be edited to show current needs :)


2 places to be filled now :) , see top post for boosts needed