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The Anno Family recruiting



The Anno Family is recruiting again. EN2 Winyandor.

We are a very active fellowship, chatting, trading and completing events/tournaments/adventures.

Requirements: Active, Good team player, At least 60k Points, Visit regularly and a GSOH.
Boosted Goods Requirements: (combinations of any)
2 Steel 1 Plank 1 Steel/Plank
3 Scroll 1 Silk
2 Elixir 2 Magic Dust

To apply send the Archmage (King0r) a message and request to join.

Thank you.
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Recruiting again! 1 SPACE is up for grabs.

Come join our family :)

Please message me first so I can boot inactive member. King0r - Winyandor EN 2 (find me in FS member list)

Friendly player wanted. Most desired: PLANKS / SILK / DUST



2 Places open. Come join us!

Looking for PLANKS + SILK + DUST and PLANK/STEEL + SILK/SCROLLS + ELIXIR/DUST. Message a Mage/Archmage so we can send you an invite if we are full. Send application :)