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Tanglewood Recruiting!!


Tanglewood Guardians is looking for a few good tourney players to join our team.

If you are interested in tourneys and playing the spire, we are the FS for you.
If you are a good team player, we are the FS for you.
If you trade fairly and help out your team mates with good trades to help them grow, we are the FS for you.
If you play to a boosted goods strategy, we are the FS for you.
If you can visit your team mates and give help where requested, we are the FS for you.
If you like drama, just working on your own and cross tier trades, we are NOT the FS for you.

We aim for and achieve 10 chests in the tourney every week. We are like rats up a drainpipe when it comes to the Spire and love helping out our team mates with good trades, tourney and milestone rewards. For further information read our Overview page ingame.

If you are interested then please do contact McBratty or Yum-Yum and before you can say "baked beans" you will be in!