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Swap Offer and Demand in Trader with the Filter in Trader



I have found when clicking on the Demand arrow, the drop down box opens up right on top of the check marks to accept trades, and if there are unfair trades underneath that box, one accidental double click for the item you are looking for may result (well it did result for me) in an unfair trade also being clicked......to prevent this from happening to someone else or me again, can we see if possible the Offer and Demand be swapped over to the Filter side and vice versa?
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Agreed @kimkimkim. I will never take an unfair trade. So I'm careful with my clicks. It's not hard on the browser version, but the mobile app may be different. If they can't swap the offer/demand to the left-hand side, maybe they could provide an extra filter so we only see 2-stars or higher.

I would still prefer to see a blacklist or block filter, where I can exclude players who almost always place unfair trades. That would remove 95+% (guessing that number) of unfair trades from the trader lists straight off the bat. I've nothing against players who place unfair trades; I just don't want to see them in my list

But unfair trade options are good for helping fellowship friends who need a temporary boost sometimes.