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Announcement Spire of Eternity



Dear Humans and Elves,

We are proud to announce that the Spire of Eternity will be available for everyone to play for the first time from 26 August 2019, until 31 August! From then on, it will be starting every Sunday 16:00 CEST, and be available until the Friday 22:00 CEST of that week. For those of you who haven't heard about the feature yet, or who would like to know the latest news on it, please allow us to share all the different aspects of the feature below!

Anyone who has completed the first technology of Chapter III can access the Spire of Eternity: the pearly white tower can be found at the top of your city, in the scenery. Just click it to enter and start your adventure.


In the Spire of Eternity, you play a hero, who's ascending the stairs of the great Spire. You start at the bottom of the tower, just outside, and you will make your way to the top through three levels. On your way up, you meet Spirits in the form of peasants, guards, and bosses, who can either be persuaded with resources to move aside, or they can be battled by your army. Every Spirit guards a chest filled with loot for you to collect once the Spirits move away.



One of the most iconic parts of the Spire of Eternity, is the new Diplomacy minigame, in which you persuade five ghosts to step aside so you can claim the loot they're guarding. To do so, you will need to offer resources.


Which resources the Spirits ask for, and how many, is based on your progress in the game, as well as your progress in the Spire itself. The further up the steps, the tougher the Spirits become to convince.

Being ghosts, the Spirits will have trouble communicating with you. However, they do have means to let you know if they like the resource you offer them, whether one or more of the other ghosts need it, or if none of them needs it after all. It is up to you to use your 3 turns to find out who needs what. If wanted, more turns can be purchased using Diamonds.



In addition to Diplomacy, you can also opt to fight your way through the Encounters of the Spire of Eternity. This is very similar to the battles that you already know from the Provinces on the world map and the Tournaments. However, the Spire does bring one twist to the battle system: battles further up the stairs of the Spire can have multiple waves.


On the right side of the screen, you will always be able to see how many waves a battle will have. In the case above, this is 2 waves. Clicking the arrow buttons, you can see which troops you will face on the battlefield in each wave.

Picking units for such a fight is very similar to what you already know. The only difference is that you have to pick the units to fight all waves. Any units that survive the first wave will be enrolled automatically to start the second wave. It is not possible to add more or different units to fight between waves, but it is possible to heal them before a next wave starts.


Encounter rewards
Once you have persuaded the Spirits to move away, violently or peacefully, you will be able to get rewards from the chests that are scattered across the path that leads up to the top of the Spire. These chests contain rewards that range from Coin Rain and Supply Windfall Instants, to Spell Fragments that can be used for Crafting, all the way to some unique, brand-new buildings that you can get only from playing the Spire of Eternity. These include the Dwarven Armorer, the Trading Station, and the Genie, as well as a full Moonstone Library Set. Not only are these buildings an amazing addition to your city's visuals, they also provide strong bonuses and effects, that will help you grow your city tremendously.


Pictured on the left is the Genie. On the right is the combined set of buildings of the Moonstone Library Set.

Mystery Chests
On top of the regular Chests guarded by the various Spirits, there is a chance to spawn Mystery Chests with every Encounter you complete within the Spire. These Mystery Chests offer great rewards for those who find them.

The place a Mystery Chest spawns in is random, and can be anywhere on the level of the Spire you are currently on. The further you progress, the easier it will be for you to open a Mystery Chest right away. Should it spawn behind a Gate, you will need to unlock the Gate before you can collect the mysteries that await. But worry not, the Mystery Chests do not ex-spire unless the event ends before you collect their loot.


The Mystery Chests come in three tiers, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, each with their own set of potential rewards. These rewards include the Moonstone Library Set pieces, as well as the Dwarven Armorer, Trading Station and Genie that can also be received from some of the Encounters.

For even more information, watch our video in which the Elvenar Team reenacts the adventure of a mighty hero battling his way up the Spire, or check out our wiki!

We hope you'll like playing the Spire of Eternity and reaping its rewards. We are very much looking forward to your feedback, which you can post in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team