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Southern Hemisphere server

Sir Derf

Oh, and for those of the "6 months advanced notice and planning" people, it would be trivial to take the existing quests and Daily Prizes and give them a semi-random shuffle, mostly negating fine-detailed planning while mostly maintaining the difficulty and rewards.


Yes, we do. However, as I pointed out above, Elvenar mostly does not. The event's been Winter Magic the previous two years, a season that we don't all have in December. (I say mostly, because yeah, we've had two buildings with "Christmas" in the name.)

The better examples, as I also pointed out, would be the more explicit Valentine's Day and Halloween items.
I was replying to @Silmaril's quote, and I was making a joke, if you'd like to stop with the aggressive bold text.

Sir Derf

I know you were. You quoted her in your reply.

I felt like providing emphasis to my text to suggest an emphasis in the internal voice when read. Thank Krarak I didn't use AllCap.

You know I'm being aggressive when I switch to Trebuchet.