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Social Friendly People needed for Growth Potential


Hello Ladies and gents!

Growth Potential are recruiting. We are looking for social and friendly people, who are looking to expand and progress. We are a friendly helpful bunch, that supports one another to the best of its ability. Some members have been a part of Growth potential a good while.

Look forward to taking on some new people :)

Need to have a minimum score of 5k
Have Marble, silk or magic dust as their boosted (not all three together! That maybe impossible)
Can visit other team members at least every other day
Place minimum 2 star trades

We WILL consider lower ranking players too. Feel free to apply Or message me on here/in game Will answer any questions you have

Many thanks

Topaz -Archmage of Growth Potential:)
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I think I meet your criteria, and my boosted are Marble, Crystal and Elix. I am an ambassador, but dont expect that right away. I like to trade, which is one reason I need to move, as I am not growing through lack of trade. I will only move if my boosteds are needed...dont see the point if you already have an influx. I am quite new to the game, but love to learn and enjoy being a team player.especially NH..;ove collecting all the loot lol. I am in the UK, so dont know how that will work with your teamies and the time diff. Wait to hear from you. Balloo