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Seeking Weekly 10 chest FS with good score on Spire


im a pro player and seeking a Fs that is doing weekly 10 chest and i can fill 1500 -3k weekly easily too
in spire i finish first 2 tower and i seek active fs on spire
i do not like FA scores but i do efforts with it to claim 3 stage rewards
i have some cross tiers trades arranged with my neigbours in map
and i colect as many trades as i can from fs and i post only 3star trades in fs
if this is going to be fit with anyone im happy to be contacted

Piglets For All

You'd be more than welcome to join us in Zephala 2, we're a 10 chest FS looking for new members.
We've been working on the Spire and several of us are finishing the 2nd map.
We don't much like the FA either but did get the 3rd map done so the rewards could be taken.
We don't like cross trades for the members of the FS, but if they're posted just for the neighbourhood then that's ok.
I'll pm you ingame :)